Living with Pompe disease

Pompe disease can affect many different parts of the body. Because of this, management of Pompe disease needs input from a wide range of medical specialists and supportive-care health professionals.
Dr. J.C. Pompe - Malattia di Pompe

Getting diagnosed for Pompe disease can be a long and complicated process. It often involves several different doctors and a variety of tests, since symptoms may affect many areas of the body. Usually doctors need to first rule out other more common disorders that share similar symptoms with Pompe disease.

Pompes sjukdom

Patient resources

Links to websites with more information on how to live with Pompe disease.

Pompes sjukdom
Sara, Pompe patient
Pompes sygdom - symptomer og sygdomstegn

Although the signs and symptoms of Pompe Disease can vary widely, some are seen more commonly than others.